A profile shot of a light brown dog with white around his muzzle and on his chest. His mouth is open, panting with his tongue out. His collar is rainbow striped.
Cody, 1 year old

Name: Cody

Sex: Male

DOB: June 4, 2010

Breed: Border Collie Mix

Colour: Sable and white

Special Markings: White-tipped tail and white spot on the back of his neck.

Full” Name: Grand Marshall Coderius Theodore Fuzzbutt 3½, M.D., esq.

A seven-week old light brown puppy lying flat in the grass. He has a white stripe up his face, black markings on his muzzle, and floppy ears.
Cody was adopted on July 23, 2010, from 4-Legged Love Dog Rescue. This picture was taken at the foster home that cared for Cody and his siblings. He had one brother and two sisters.
A brown puppy with a white chest and white paws lying with his head on top of another puppy's neck. The other puppy is mostly black white a white stripe down her face and a white chest and paws. Both of their eyes are closed, napping.
A seven-week old Cody resting his head on top of his sister, “Missy.” Missy’s new owners kindly drove us back to Toronto from the foster home.
A fuzzy brown puppy lying down on a beige carpet, looking at the camera. He has a white stripe down his face with black markings on the sizes of his muzzle. He has a dog rope toy next to his paws.
Seven-week-old Cody enjoying new toys on his first week home.
A brown puppy with a white stripe down his face and black markings on the sides of his muzzle is sitting up in the grass. He is holding a short stick in his mouth.
Cody finds a stick in the park.
A brown puppy with a white stripe down his face and black markings on the sizes of his muzzle, looking straight ahead. His paws are up on the couch I was sitting and taking the picture from. His right ear is now perked up (permanently), while his left ear is still floppy.
Cody’s right ear started to go up within a week of him coming home.
I expected them to stay floppy, so it was a bit of a surprise!
A brown puppy with a white stripe down his face and black markings on the side of his muzzle. He is lying down on a brick patio under a green chair and looking up at the camera. Both of his ears are erect now, but they are flimsy and his right ear is folded over to the side.
A nine-week-old Cody taking a rest under a chair at my parents’ old house.
A brown puppy with a white chest and muzzle sits on a porch step. He is looking upwards away from the camera. Next to him is a small shaggy white dog (a Bichon Frise) who is looking down.
Nine-week-old Cody with 14-year-old Candy, my family dog. They only met a couple of times, and I think this is the only picture I have of them together. (Candy was not a fan of Cody.)
The picture is taken from above and prominently shows the face of a brown puppy with a white stripe down his face and black markings on the side of his muzzle. His chest and side are also in view. His mouth is open exposing a bit of his pink tongue and a little white tooth on his bottom jaw. His fur is a little bit wet around his face and chest.
One of my favourite pictures of Cody: ten weeks old.
A full shot of a brown puppy standing up and looking away from the camera. There is a white spot on the back of his neck just above where his collar lies. There is black colouring down his back and up his tail, leading to its white tip. He is standing in a pile of recently mowed grass.
Cody at 11 weeks old.
A brown puppy, fur looking more reddish in the sunlight, looking away from the camera towards Lake Ontario. His head and back are in view; the rest of the photo is sand and water. He has a white spot on the back of his neck.
Cody visiting Cherry Beach at 12 weeks old.
A four-month-old brown puppy with  big erect ears and a white stripe down his face and black markings on the sides of his muzzle. The black markings are looking a little lighter than they did in previous photos. The puppy is lying down in the sand and looking at the camera. His front paws are in the hole he's just been digging in the sand.
Cody’s facial markings started to fade a bit sometime around four months of age.
A light brown puppy with big triangular-shaped ears is sitting on a white tiled kitchen floor. He has a black markings along the side of his muzzle. The white stripe down his face is still visible, but very light now.
Cody’s ears were also way too big for his face for a short period of time.
A brownish-red older puppy is standing to the side of the photo. There is snow all around him. He is wearing a black halti around his muzzle. His chest is white. The white stripe that used to be on his face is practically gone. If one were to pay close attention, they would see his front right leg has been partially shaved due to him recently being neutered.
Cody’s first snow! (Six months old)
A young brown dog lying on an old tweed-looking couch. Half of his face is in shadow. Next to him is a fluffy white cat with a grey face. She is lying on her side. They are both looking at the camera.
My cat Willow moved back in with me when Cody was ten months old. Before that point, she was livng with my ex. They took some time to get used to each other.
A picture of two dogs. Both of them are covered in wet mud from the chest down. A young medium-size brown dog is standing up and walking towards a black and white Border Collie-type dog. The Border Collie is lying down. Both dogs have their mouths open and their faces look a little bit funny as they are playing.
As a young dog, Cody loved to make new friends.
A light brown dog sitting down in grass (with some autumn leaves visible). His mouth is open, showing his pink tongue and his bottom teeth. He looks alert and happy. There is a smear of fake blood on his muzzle, and more bright red smears across his chest.
Cody attended a Halloween Dog Walk with me, and I squirted fake blood all over him. It still didn’t make him look very scary, though.
A light brown dog looking gently at the camera. His chest and neck are white. You can see that he has brown eyes in this photograph.
At almost two years old, Cody has grown into a handsome dog! (2012)
A light brown dog walking towards the camera. His pink tongue is hanging out, as he's just been running around in the park. His tail is up, curled a bit over his back. It has a white tip.
A light brown dog leaping into lake water from the shoreline. He has a white chest and muzzle area. His tail is curled over. His mouth is partially open, and he looks focussed. Water is spraying from his back legs and off of his front paws in the air.
Cody loves chasing balls at the cottage. (Five years old, 2015)
A light brown dog laying down on a light brown wooden floor. His chest is white and his front paws are white at the ends. He is looking up at the camera.
Cody at seven years old (2017).
Christmas Cody at nine years old (2019).
Cody at Bayfront Park. (Almost 11 years old, 2021)